MDisrupt – Medical Diligence Company

Ruby Gadelrab, CEO and Co-founder of MDisrupt, the first-of-its-kind medical diligence company, discusses how they are helping health-tech startups demonstrate viability and bring health products to market faster and more responsibly.  The company is also launching an on-demand health industry expert platform to connect a wide range of highly specialized medical and scientific professionals with emerging health tech companies that will most benefit from their expertise.

Ruby Gadelrab is a seasoned commercial health executive who has over 20 years of experience in biotech, healthcare and healthtech industries. Ruby is the CEO and Co-founder of MDisrupt the world’s first medical diligence company. In addition Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Consulting Group which was founded to help companies in the genetics, healthcare and healthtech spaces with their commercialization strategies. In the past two years, she has consulted for some of the leading companies in the genomics and health-tech space, including Genome Medical, Color Genomics, Drawbridge Health and Genomics PLC. She is also an advisor and mentor to many others. Ruby specializes in Genomics and her last role was to serve on the executive team of 23andMe as the Vice President of Commercial Marketing. Prior to this, she worked for a number of high profile companies including Life Technologies, Affymetrix and Invitae. Ruby has a strong background in successfully developing B2B and B2C commercial strategies. She has a proven track record in high impact marketing, branding, channel and commercialization initiatives.

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