Medtronic – DiamondTemp Ablation (DTA) System

Rebecca Seidel, President of the Cardiac Ablation Solutions Operating Unit at Medtronic, discusses the FDA approval of the DiamondTemp™ Ablation (DTA) system for the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation.  This is the first FDA approved, temperature controlled, irrigated radio frequency (RF) ablation system currently available to deliver ablations.

Rebecca is President of the Cardiac Ablation Solutions Operating Unit (OU). Previously, she served as Vice President and GM of the Infection Control business where she led the integration and global expansion of that business. Over Rebecca’s 17-year career with Medtronic, she has held roles in Commercialization, Strategy, Product Support, Core Team Leadership, Field Service, and Product Marketing. She earned the Wallin Leadership Award in 2015, recognizing her commitment to developing employees, and has received two Star of Excellence Awards.

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