MeMed BV – Distinguish Between Viral and Bacterial Infection

Dr. Eran Eden, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of MeMed discusses MeMed BV™, the first technology that will detect in 15 minutes at point of care if a patient has a bacterial or viral infection and informs clinical decision making on how to treat. 

Dr. Eran Eden is the Co-founder and CEO of MeMed since its inception in 2009. He lead MeMed from an idea to a rapidly growing company that is pioneering the field of host-response technologies. He has 15 years of combined business and academic experience in the development of cutting-edge multidisciplinary technologies that synergize data-science & machine learning, molecular biology and clinical applications. Eran co-founded several highly funded international consortia (e.g., Tailored-Treatment and Respiratory-ImmunoDx), the mission of which is to develop, clinically validate and commercialize novel technologies for diagnosing patients with infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, B.A. in Biology, and M.Sc. in Computer Science (all Cum Laude) from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Systems Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he was also a lecturer of Data Mining. Eran is co-author of over 90 granted patents and pending applications and over 20 peer-reviewed publications and is the recipient of multiple awards including the prestigious GE and Science Prize for Promising Life Scientists.

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