Getting the Mentally Ill the Medical Care they Need [transcript] [audio]

Segment Overview: Dr. Shar Najafi, Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health for Equality Health in Arizona, discusses her mission to provide mental medical care that encompasses the mind and body to those affected by health disparities.

Guest: Dr. Shar Najafi

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Dr. Shar Najafi serves as the Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health for Equality. Prior to joining the Equality executive team, she served as the Vice President of Outpatient Services with Southwest Behavioral and Health. She was responsible for the planning of programs and strategies for achieving outpatient clinic and operational service goals. She developed and implemented several programs, including hospital navigator services, children’s integrated high needs case management, intensive outpatient protocols, school-based counseling, telehealth models of care, and an integrated Autism Center of Excellence.

Dr. Najafi received her doctorate in Psychology in 2010 and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology in 2006 from the Harold Abel School of Psychology.

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