Metabolic Code


Presenter: Katherine
Guest: James Lavalle
Guest Bio: Internationally recognised Clinical Pharmacist, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Naturopath.  Author of “Cracking the Metabolic Code”.

Faculty member of the Fellowship for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Fellowship (A4M).

James LaValle has over 18 years clinical experience in natural therapies and functional medicine and is Adjunct Professor at the College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati, Adjunct Professor in Metabolic Medicine at the University of South Florida Medical School and faculty member at George Washington University Department of Integrative & Metabolic Medicine. He is a recognised clinical pharmacist, author, educator, industry consultant and clinical practitioner/pioneer in the field of natural therapeutics.



Health Professional Radio

Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine and today our guest is James Lavalle – an international renowned clinical pharmacist, author, and board certified clinical nutritionist and naturopathic doctor. And he also founded the LaValle Metabolic Institute and Integrative Health Resources. Lavalle has served as an adjunct associate professor at the University Of Cincinnati College Of Pharmacy for over 14 years and is currently an adjunct professor in Metabolic Medicine at the University of South Florida Medical School and George Washington University. He’s also an instructor for the scholarship of this Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine Fellowship, which trains physicians and other health care professionals in the application of naturopathic therapies into their practices. James is an author of more than seventeen books including his newly released book “Your Blood Doesn’t Lie” and with more than 25 years as a clinician in integrated natural therapies into mainstream medical practice. James Lavalle is well known for his expertise in training drug nutrient depletion issues and he’s visiting Australia as part of the A5M conference. Welcome to our show James.

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