Mobile Allied Health Therapists and Nurses Provider that Brings Health Care to You [Interview][Transcript]

Michael_Peachey_WL_ServicesGuest: Michael Peachey
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Michael completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia in 2001. Since then he has worked in numerous private, public and not-for-profit clinical settings (including rehabilitation, outpatients, hospital, domiciliary care, and residential aged care). Michael has been a committee member of the APA Gerontology Group since 2011, an auditor for the Education Advisory Sub-Committee (EASC), and is a member of the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) expert reference group for the aged care node. Michael completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2013, and is currently the CEO of W&L Aged Care Services, Australia’s largest mobile allied health care provider.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, W&L Aged Care Services CEO Michael Peachey is here to talk about the various services that they offer.Wellness & Lifestyles Australia Services provides mobile health care services which include physiotherapy, podiatry, speech pathology, dietetics & occupational therapy as well as providing aged care education and ACFI consultancy.
They offer a ‘one stop shop’ for allied health & nursing services for their clients and focus on providing a ‘work-life’ balance for their team. Their core business is aged-focused allied health & nursing services.


Health Professional Radio –

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. Today my guest is Michael Peachey, Chief Executive Officer with Wellness and Lifestyles Australia. Michael welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Michael Peachey: Thank you very much Wayne, pleasure to be here.

W: Now Michael Wellness And Lifestyle, sounds like something we all aspire to but it doesn’t tell us a lot about what your firm does. Can you give us some insight into what it is that your firm does? And what geographic footprint do you service?

M: No problems at all. So look W & L, Wellness and Lifestyles we are primarily an aged care services company. So we deliver specialist aged care services to improve the quality of life for older Australians. So our health services in particular, this include physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietetics. Also in the health space as well, we also assist aged care facilities to receive all of the government funding they’re legible for and do it in a way that’s both risk free and sustainable for the sector as well. In terms of our geographic footprint, we provide these services for both aged community care and nationally so all over mainland Australia, metropolitan as well as rural regional and remote.

W: Now Michael are you an institutional based service or do you also service people at home?

M: We also service people at home. We predominantly service aged care facilities, hospitals and therapy centers. However we found that a lot of elderly people in the community may have difficulty accessing health professionals out in the community, so we also do private home or client visits as well. So we visit people in the home who have difficulty accessing transport or just want the convenience of being treated at home as well.

W: Now Michael I missed the list of allied health services you were doing, just run that to us again.

M: So yes, excellent. So we provide physiotherapy, podiatrists, occupational therapy, speech pathologists and also dieticians.

W: That’s quite a range in the allied health spectrum. There’s not much kind of missing from that list.

M: No and we’ve found that this has been the health professionals with the largest need, particularly in the residential aged care facilities. So quite often the residents in these facilities have clinical need in these areas. And so that’s where we’ve expanded our business to focusing on those core areas.

W: Now Michael, could you say you offer this Australia wide?

M: Yes, correct.

W: So you’re represented in all states then?

M: Except for Tasmania, we’ve got nothing against Tasmania. We just haven’t been down there yet.

W: So there are so many things we can say about Tasmania, but they’re bound to upset the Tasmanians I’m Afraid.

M: That’ right. We do plan on servicing Tasmania at some point in the future so I won’t go saying any negative about them.

W: Now Michael most of our audience listening to us today are also health professionals. They’re normally in the hospital settings and aged care settings – doctors and nurses predominantly, what’s the message you’d like to give them?

M: That’s a tough question. I don’t think I don’t have any particular message to give them in particular. Just one point that really resonate with us in our organization and our staff, is that we’re very big on taking our time to understand and then meet the needs of all our clients. So we’re very big on understanding that our patients, the person that receive our services but also we like to deliver our services in a way that meets the needs of all the other clients. So if we’re talking about hospitals or aged care facilities, our clients also include the organizations we work for, every staff member in those organizations we interact with and last but not the least actually our therapists themselves. So we have a very big customer focus approach and try to balance those needs, all at the same time they come as a bit of a challenge.

W: I can imagine, it is a challenge indeed. Now Michael in every industry, there are misconceptions and it’s my favorite question. What are the misconceptions about your products and services that drives you nut and keeps you awake at night?

M: I think one that jumps to mind straight off is with physiotherapy. So quite often there is a perception that our physiotherapists go into aged care facilities and all they do is massage the residents. The focus of our services is to improve the pain management and mobility outcome for these residents. So our therapists, they’re routinely looking for ways that we can incorporate other interventions to optimize residents’ mobility, their dexterity and rehabilitation. And using this approach, this allows our clients to access activating services they otherwise couldn’t to help getting this functional as long as possible.

W: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. And I’ve been in conversation with Michael Peachey, the Chief Executive Officer with Wellness and Lifestyles Australia. Michael, how can people get in touch with you?

M: They can contact us on 08 8363 1344, alternatively our website is

W: Now every time I give phone numbers on air, I always get Facebook messages saying “I didn’t have my pencil. You didn’t warn us.” So fair warning people, pencils ready that number was 08 8363 1344. Did I get that one right Michael?

M: Correct, it is Wayne.

W: So by all means if you’re looking to get in touch with Michael, give him a call or you can go to the website at Now speaking of websites, if you’ve only just tuned in you’ve missed our interview and you’ve missed Michael telling us about the services of Wellness and Lifestyle Australia, you can find the transcript of that of the story on our website. Also a SoundCloud archive and we’re on YouTube as well, so and you can read the transcript. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. Michael, thank you for being with us this morning. It’s been pleasure to hearing what you do.

M: My pleasure Wayne. Thank you very much for having me.

W: This is Health Professional Radio.

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