Miiskin & Skin Cancer Foundation – self skin exams

Founder and CEO of Miiskin Jon Friis discusses the partnership between the Skin Cancer Foundation and Miiskin for Skin Cancer Awareness Month to remind people to perform self-skin exams.  Miiskin is a digital health platform supported by the dermatological community as a tool to help track skin changes.

Jon Friis is the founder and CEO of Miiskin, a skin tracking app he created out of the desire to better help his partner navigate her high risk for skin cancer. Knowing that paper-based skin mapping was outdated and hard to routinize, Jon turned to digital health technologies to bring individual and full-body skin mapping to a place where users can easily make self-examinations a part of their health routine. Jon leads a team of technologists and clinical advisory team members while fulfilling his dream of ending skin cancer by 2040. Jon holds a Masters of Science from the University of Copenhagen.

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