Millennials and Multiple Sclerosis

Millennials often prioritize living their “best” lives by ignoring symptoms or postponing a doctor visit – which is easy to do around the busy holiday season. But when it comes to a disease like multiple sclerosis – which millennials are in the age group most likely to be diagnosed – delaying diagnosis and treatment can negatively impact their health.

Here to share insights on life with MS, the impact of this disease and importance of early diagnosis and treatment is Trish Palmer, a travel nurse living with MS, and Dr. Martin Belkin from the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders.

Trish Palmer is a registered travel-nurse based out of Seattle, WA who was diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS) nearly ten years ago at the age of 30. In her free time, Trish enjoys an active lifestyle including camping, hiking and exploring the hills of Seattle. Trish hopes to inspire others by sharing her story and personal experience living with MS.

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