Mindfulness and Science [transcript][audio]

Guest: Deborah Norris, Ph.D.  

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Dr. Norris is Founder of The Mindfulness Center; and is the Founder and Director of the Psychobiology of Healing Program in the Department of Psychology at American University. Dr. Norris worked for 15 years as a health scientist specializing in neurobehavioral toxicology at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In her practice, Dr. Norris integrates lifestyle elements of meditation, yoga, exercise, and relaxation therapy, tai chi, nutrition and herbalism for maximal health and happiness! A health scientist with over thirty-five years of experience, Dr. Norris teaches and conducts research in behavioral medicine, and other mind-body approaches to wellbeing.

Segment Overview: Deborah Norris, Ph.D., a neurobehavioral scientist, talks about her new book “In the Flow: Bridging the Science and Practice of Mindfulness” that explains in clear language how mindfulness relieves pain, inflammation and disease.

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