Mindset & Motivation For Weightloss

Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Kylie Ryan
Guest Bio:  Kylie Ryan is a weightloss, mindset and motivational specialist and therapist. She has developed a program that helps women lose weight and, more importantly, keep the weight off. | My Mind Coach | The Goddess Body Quest |

Segment Overview: Losing weight and keeping the lost weight off are two different things and this is further explained by Kylie Ryan in this segment. This is very helpful especially to those struggling with their weight as Kylie shares her personal experiences as she overcame her personal weight problems.


Health Professional Radio – Mindset and Motivation for Weightloss

Katherine: Thank you for joining Health Professional Radio today. Today our guest is Kylie Ryan. She is a weight-loss, mindset and motivational specialist and [indecipherable 00:09] therapist. She has developed a program that helps women lose weight and, more importantly, keep the weight off. Welcome, Kylie.

Kylie Ryan: Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be able to share this.

Katherine: Yeah. Well, thank you for coming on today. I believe you have some personal experience with weight loss. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Kylie: I sure do. I struggled with my weight for a very long time, pretty much since high school, since I went through puberty, and went on that European holiday that so many Australians go on and start putting on weight. But, my weight kind of really started for very emotional reasons when my parents divorced and I was counselling them through their divorce. My weight just crept up and crept up, and I went on that U.K. trip and put on a whole load of weight.

I was drinking and partying and doing all sorts of crazy things, as you sometimes do in your early 20s, and it was just piling on. The weight was piling on. Then I thought, “What can I do? What can I do?” So, I went and I got out of my job at the cafe and I went to work at a gym thinking that that would help, but it didn’t. Nothing really changed, even though I was getting personal training and living with personal trainers.

Nothing changed for me until I changed my mindset, and I was very lucky to stumble upon a lady that did some coaching in NLP [sp]and I had some coaching very early in life, in my early 20s, and it totally turned my life around. In the year since doing that coaching, I got myself out of debt, I found the man that I’m now married to. I started a business, I got qualified in my own coaching practice, and I lost 20 kilos in three months, which is quite an astonishing kind of result. I totally credit that change to having worked through my mindset issues that had been keeping me stuck before.

I knew what I needed to do, eating and exercise, eating well and exercising, but I just couldn’t actually stick to it until I made those fundamental shifts in my mindset. That’s the quick version.

Katherine: Sure, and that is a great achievement, to lose 20 kilos in three months.

Kylie: Yes, I was very motivated.

Katherine: Do you think it’s why people [indecipherable 02:39] … do you think this is why people yo-yo diet because they’re just focusing on the food and not really the emotional and also the mindset part of it?

Kylie: Absolutely, absolutely. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I think a big part of the problem with the weight-loss industry is this kind of mindset and this total focus on weight, but the weight is really just a result. It’s the end product, and if you’re focusing on the end product and trying to change that without going all the way back through and kind of tracing the problem back to its very root cause, which is in your mindset and in your emotions, the things that you’re choosing to do, how you feel about yourself, then you’re going to have problems.

Because you’re not going to be able to change your weight just by changing your food if you’re still feeling unworthy, if you’re still feeling those thoughts of self-loathing and feeling bad about yourself.

Katherine: Yeah. There is a statistic here. It says in Australia, 14 million are overweight or obese, and more than 5 million of those that are overweight are obese. If this trend continues, nearly 80% of adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese by 2025. Now, we’re not far off 2025, we’re just over a decade.

Kylie: Yeah, 12 years away.

Katherine: What do you think … why … we’ve got so much access to information now, and life is very fast and people have a lot of conveniences – why do you think that we are all still [indecipherable 04:33]? What do you think is contributing to all of this?

Kylie: I think obviously it’s a number of different factors. One that’s really come to my attention recently, and I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, is actually this rise in technology and the rise in smart phones and obviously the packaged and processed foods, well, that’s a no-brainer. Obviously that’s contributing to our weight because we’re not eating enough whole foods. We’re eating too much processed and packaged foods.

But, at a deeper level … and we’re more sedentary, but at a deeper level, there’s other things going on kind of socially that are affecting us and leading to probably a lower sense of fulfilment. Even though our quality of life is rising and the ease of our life with all of the technological advances is increasing, I think our sense of fulfilment and happiness in our life is actually decreasing with the rise of all of these devices.

I’ve been looking into a lot of this recently, about smart phone usage, and just having that sense of being constantly available. Pinging with your Facebook and tweeting and Instagramming and checking your emails all the time. I think there is so much noise and so much busyness inside our brains that it’s stopping – and there have been studies that back this up – that it’s actually causing a rise in our levels of cortisol, which is directly related to storing belly fat.

It makes us almost addicted. It’s like the dopamine hits that we get from checking our phone make us almost addicted to that high that we get when we’re checking, checking, checking, checking constantly. When we do this, it means that we’re living kind of in this virtual world and not actually inside our bodies. So, it’s directly related because it stops us being able to listen to the subtle, quiet signals from our body about hunger, about fullness, about those dreams and goals that we have when we have those moments of being able to daydream and think about our lives.

I think there’s a lot of factors involved, but a big part of it is the fast pace of our lives and how much we’re connected and constantly on. Then you’re obviously more likely to eat those processed, packaged foods and put … say, “I don’t have time for exercise because I’m so, so busy.” So, I think a big part of it is learning how to slow down and prioritise what’s really important to you.

Katherine: Sure. That’s real good advice, and also with your experience with being able to lose weight and keep it off, you’ve developed a training program. Would be able to tell our listeners a little bit about that?

Kylie: I have, yes. Over the last … this has really become my quest. Mindset for weight loss, about helping women to make the same kind of transformation, the mental and personal development transformation that I was able to make over nine years ago, that contributed to me being able to lose those 20 kilos and keep it off for over eight years. I lost 30 kilos in total and managed to breeze through my pregnancy, only putting on ten kilos and then getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a week. It was quite astonishing.

So, I put together this program to help teach people how to actually … teach women especially, how to make these changes, and how to actually dig down into this mental stuff that really facilitates this change and makes it easy. So that eating well and exercising becomes a normal and self-loving part of your daily life rather than some torturous thing that you have to go and punish yourself and force yourself to do.

The Goddess Body Quest, which I’ve named it, it’s a comprehensive mindset transformation program, and it’s totally focused on weight loss but it’s not all about what you need to eat or what exercises you need to do. There’s hundreds of programs out there that can teach you about that and I find that most people don’t need to be told that they need to eat more greens and drink water and exercise. Everybody knows that. It’s about how to actually get the internal motivation, the inspiration to do that.

I’ve developed an eight-week course, which is basically my nine years of study and research into exactly what works, and my qualifications obviously in NLP and hypnosis and timeline therapy and Meta-Coaching. I’ve distilled all of that down into an eight-week course with hypnosis, and self-coaching workbooks, video lessons, and a personal development group coaching forum on Facebook that people actually go through this process together of discovering about themselves.

About getting awareness on what is actually causing their self-sabotage. What’s causing the emotional eating? How to create an amazingly compelling goal for your body and your life, because just, “I want to lose 5 kilos or 20 kilos” is not a goal that actually compels us. It’s not a goal that excites. So, there’s a whole process on how to actually do that so that you can get motivation.

Then I teach you about motivation, about what’s involved and how to release the negative self-talk, the feelings of not being good enough, the negative emotions that cause you to overeat. And teach you how to actually escape that relationship drama cycle andstrategise eating and exercise in a totally new way, so that it really becomes a journey of self-love. It’s quite amazing, and I’ve had…

Katherine: Wow, it sounds…

Kylie: Yeah, I’ve had … my first graduates of the course have just sent me through some amazing things because they knew I was coming on this show. They’ve sent me through some their results, and it’s just been astonishing to read it. It’s so amazing. Some of them have gone from … one of my ladies, Madeline, has said she’s now got the tools and empowerment to live an exciting, unlimited and fulfilled life. She’s developed inner strength and resilience. She says her fitness level has gone from couch potato to through the roof, her self-worth from zero to unlimited.

She’s now easily fitting into a size eight and bursting with inner confidence and the strength to continue to achieve her goals. She said, “I finally love myself and respect myself.” It’s amazing. I’ve got loads of these kinds of testimonials. So, it’s been really amazing to know that the work that I’m doing is really cutting through and it’s giving women those kinds of results that go so far beyond just losing weight. Weight loss becomes a by-product of you living an empowered life.

Katherine: Yeah. I mean it’s so rewarding for you to be able to share your knowledge and experience and then to be able to see these results from other women as well.

Kylie: It’s so, so empowering and so … it just makes my day. It really, really makes my heart soar when I get [indecipherable 12:06] those comments and those emails and the little Facebook posts about women that are overcoming their challenges and working through, breaking through with all of my … the hypnosis sessions and the workbooks and the video coaching. It’s really inspiring to know that I’m making a difference I guess. So, yeah, I’m very excited about it. [laughs]

Katherine: Yeah, and that’s good. What’s good is it’s not location-specific, is it? People can, no matter where you live, they have access to these Goddess Body Quest programs. Is that correct?

Kylie: Yes, yes, absolutely because it is a totally online program. Another part of the program that I forgot to mention is that I have a weekly call-in with me, live. So, people can go through the program and work through the video coaching and everything, and then make a call-in, and they can ask a question of me directly and get in the hot seat for some live coaching on the program. So, it’s totally accessible to anywhere and I decided to create this program because I was running events before that, but I just wasn’t able to access the amount of people that really needed it.

They couldn’t come to me and I couldn’t get to them, and so I created this so that it’s totally accessible no matter where you are in Australia or in the world. All you need is an Internet connection so that you can access the videos and to access the group. So yeah, it’s totally accessible.

Katherine: Well, it sounds like you’ve built a really supportive community online.

Kylie: I have.

Katherine: Thank you so much for your time today.

Kylie: It is my pleasure.

Katherine: For those listeners that want to know more about the program and more about Kylie, please go to slimandsexy.com.au or mymindcoach.com.au. Thank you for your time today, Kylie.

Kylie: Thank you so much, Katherine. I really appreciate being able to share this with your listeners.

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