More Accurate Colonoscopies Can Benefit Patient Care

Sloane Allebes Phillips, VP of Clinical Operations at Iterative Scopes, discusses the advancements of AI-precision medicine in the gastroenterology field and the importance of early and accurate preventative care. Iterative Scopes is increasing the accuracy of colonoscopies with its computer-aided detection tool, SKOUT™. SKOUT assists qualified and trained gastroenterologists in identifying potential colorectal polyps during colonoscopy examinations in adult patients undergoing colorectal cancer screening, but does not replace physician judgement or diagnosis. SKOUT has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its AI-assisted polyp detection device for adult colorectal cancer screenings or surveillance. Visit: to learn more.

Sloane Allebes Phillips is the Vice President of Clinical Operations at Iterative Scopes, a company using artificial intelligence (AI)-based precision medicine to eliminate disparities and improve outcomes in gastroenterology. At Iterative Scopes, Sloane oversees the clinical development and evaluation of the company’s AI technology, and is responsible for creating the strategy for extracting clinical insights from data. In this role, she pairs a knowledge of data, model training and development, and an understanding of the needs of clinicians in the GI suite, to revolutionize gastroenterology with AI-based precision medicine and establish a new standard of care for detection and treatment of disease. Sloane has extensive experience in the public health sector, providing her with an understanding of the importance of preventative care for an individual’s quality of life. Prior to Iterative Scopes, Sloane was the Manager of Office of the President for Planned Parenthood. Additionally, Sloane was previously a health extension volunteer in the Peace Corps, based in Tanzania and held roles at the Women’s World Health Initiative.

Sloane received her MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management and a B.S. in public health from Brigham Young University.

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