MorphImmune – Could Cellular Reprogramming Be the Next Innovation in Cancer and Fibrosis?

Ronald Martell, President and CEO at MorphImmune discusses MorphImmune’s proprietary platform that enables reprogramming or removal of aberrant cells with targeted effector molecules linked to precision small molecules and is further designed to enable the creation of countless combinations of targeted molecules to treat a wide variety of diseases effectively and safely. The company’s discovery platform has enabled the identification of 10+ additional targets for consideration. 

Ronald Martell, President & CEO, MorphImmune.   

A serial entrepreneur, Ronald Martell has founded five biopharmaceutical companies and served on the boards of directors of several others. Prior to joining MorphImmune, Inc., Martell served as the President and CEO of Nuvelution Pharma. He was also Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Indapta, Orca Bio and Co-Founder and CEO of Achieve Life Sciences, where he led the merger of the company with Oncogenex. Martell has served as the CEO of three public biopharmaceutical companies, including Sevion and NeurogesX, and has overseen billions of dollars in industry transactions. Earlier in his career, Martell served as Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at ImClone Systems, where he was instrumental in deals with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck KGaA, and built  ImClone Systems’  worldwide operations to market and commercialize Erbitux ®. He also served in various leadership positions with Genentech where, as Group Manager, Oncology, he was responsible for building the company’s oncology franchise, including the launch of Herceptin ®  and Rituxan ®.

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