My Type 2 Diabetes and Me: How I Learned to Manage My Blood Sugar Through Healthy Eating, Exercise and Treatment

Maria, who runs her own salon business in Pennsylvania and lives with type 2 diabetes, shares her personal journey with diagnosis, adopting a new lifestyle, and her experience with Ozempic ® (semaglutide) injection. She is joined by Dr. Juan Frias, Medical Director of Velocity Clinical Research, Los Angeles who discusses the relationship between food, exercise, and type 2 diabetes, the importance of having a diabetes management plan, and information about the safety and potential side effects of Ozempic ®.

Maria is a mom of two who runs her own salon business in Pennsylvania, and lives with type 2 diabetes. Originally from Puerto Rico, Maria’s family has a long history of type 2 diabetes, including both her grandmothers, father, and more recently her mother. Growing up, she watched her family members face challenges in managing their disease. Seeing it’s prevalence in her own family and in her Hispanic community, Maria always felt her own diagnosis was inevitable, and that their journey would be hers, too. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015, Maria tried several medications – things were up and down for years. In 2020, she asked her doctor about Ozempic ® and if she would be a good candidate based on her A1C. After starting Ozempic ® as prescribed by her doctor, in addition to incorporating diet and exercise into her routine – which her doctor explained was an important part of her management plan – Maria was able to lower her A1C and lose some weight. Today, Maria has the support of her husband and two daughters as she continues to manage her diabetes. She likes to cook healthy and delicious meals with her husband, and maintains exercise with regular walks and Zumba dance classes. Maria feels empowered to share her story with others, especially in the Hispanic community, where she believes there is a need for more information and education around type 2 diabetes and ways to manage it.

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