Myriad Genetics – Prostate Cancer Medical Management

Dr. Thomas Slavin, Chief Medical Officer at Myriad Genetics and board-certified in clinical genetics and molecular diagnostics discusses how genetic insights can provide better risk stratification at biopsy and how testing can guide treatment recommendation. One study found that 60% of providers cited a lack of knowledge of genetic testing and the inadequate coordination of referrals as barriers to treatment.

Dr. Thomas (T.J.) Slavin is Chief Medical Officer of Myriad Genetics. He is a physician-scientist, triple-board-certified in clinical genetics, molecular diagnostics and pediatrics. Focused on expanding genetics education for cancer care providers, Dr. Slavin has helped shape both ASCO University as well as City of Hope’s hereditary genomics training program. He is a well-respected researcher in the field of medical genetics, publishing over 75 journal articles collectively evaluating genomic data from over 500,000 patients, multiple book chapters, and providing numerous presentations at national and international medical meetings.

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