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Nan_Lu_OMD_TCM_WorldGuest: Master Nan Lu
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Master Nan Lu, OMD, is a teacher of traditional Chinese medicine and holds a doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hubei, China. Additionally, Master Lu is a New York State–licensed acupuncturist(TCM) and his latest work Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function offers a revolutionary framework for looking at conditions related to metabolic syndrome.

Segment overview: Master Nan Lu, OMD, is here to discuss professional training programs offered by the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.

Health Professional Radio – The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to the program today, I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional Radio. There are a lot of us today that are suffering and struggling with chronic illnesses, everything from acid reflux to breast cancer and everything in between. Our guest in studio today is Master Nan Lu, country’s foremost Spiritual Leader, Practitioner and Teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His latest work, Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function available on Amazon and also at his website Welcome to Health Professional Radio Master Lu.

Master Nan Lu: Hi, how are you?

N: Thank you, doing well, thank you for asking. You are a Grand Master, talk about your background and your experience in the martial arts.

L: Well you have to see that the being a Grand Master is just one of the title but being the training has a many, many years, I believe I think I’m gonna count the now so I don’t know, 45 years or…Many years the training will never can be stopped, you’re training for the martial arts, you’re training for the Qigong practice, then training for the Chinese medicine but most difficult to train is how can you see the disease from the positive angle, you have to change completely different angle of your belief. Can you see the good, can you believe everything is for purpose for good, that’s difficult training from my experience. That’s the most difficult way to training compared for if you do the Qigong and the martial arts, that’s the most difficult because it’s invisible, you have to change your mind, you have to change your belief then you have to practice and then you have to make the patient happy, you have to see the result, that’s difficult.

N: So is it would you say more a mental challenging, more of training the mind as opposed to training the body?

L: And the body, training the body…which to a certain level from my experience, no matter how hard you train, you only reach a certain level unless you break through the mind. The mind will limit the body, so because think about the body, just life of the body become the mirror of your mind. So unless you really understand body become mirror of the mind all you needed to do is change your mind but the mind is the limit, mind limited base on our beliefs, so we have to change it thru the beliefs, that’s just called…but most difficult is can you train yourself, can you really experience something beyond mind which is a lot of things that we watch the movie, we watch the things we see, how can we do that? Can we believe there are something beyond the mind, like in knowledge, that knowledge can be passed to you without learning? See, that’s called believe the mind, can you really believe the body has all the wisdom inside the life kept coming out without the mind? All of these have to suit the meditation or what we call the Qigong practice, through the Qigong practice you can discover this kind of wisdom, not just knowledge otherwise it’s just knowledge in the book.

N: Western medicine has transformed over the last hundred, two hundred years in by leaps and bounds. You are Grand Master in TCM, how has TCM changed over five thousand years? It seems to still maintain its basis throughout the years, is that correct or am I wrong in that assumption?

L: Yes, I believe that because of Chinese medicine is based on the natural law, the natural law until today doesn’t change a lot and still is the same thing. The western medicine based on the science law, when the science change, medicine change. But the natural law never change, natural law is always the same so that it’s five thousand years ago when the Chinese medicine talked about that everything is connect. Five thousand years later we still talk about everything is connect, just how to connect. So now we think “Oh, we can connect to the internet.” Sure you can through the internet, can you connect to the internet, see? At the consciousness level, can we really connect which is true at… the science discover we can connect through our internet. So that’s why for the energy part this is a very important for Qigong practice if very important, without the practice, without the experience your true chi or true energy, all of these concepts just knowledge, just for vocabulary.

N: Now are you the Director of TCM World Foundation?

L: Yes.

N: I’m sure you’ve got a website, what would we expect to find if we visit your website for TCM World?

L: So they can go to the So because the whole concept is thru the Chinese medicine, people can experience the body, mind, spirit healing. So in this body, mind, spirit healing so our foundation offer many different programs to allow the people who want to experience this called the body, mind, spirit healing. For example you can use a breast health that’s a simple exercise, Qigong exercise, you can do the body level just practice to prevent breast tenderness, to help you have a healthy breast function, so prevent breast cancer, that’s just the beginning level. But if you go to deep, you might get other things, your emotional level, right? For example, I give you other example we have Dragon’s Way in the other health program which is based on the Qigong movement, so this Qigong movement will allow your body balance, when the body balanced, disease cannot enter, that’s the whole concept that through the balancing body can release the weight. So we are not just directly fighting the weight, we try to help the body get balance, increasing your energy. So when the energy increases, disease cannot enter, weight will be released. All these programs are based on the traditional Chinese medicine concept and based on energy practice. So we have many different kinds of programs like…is a systemic concept, in this concept how can we create a harmony. So we’re training professionals to learn this concept and practice it in their own clinic.

N: If there’s one misconception that you’d like to clear up about TCM, what would it be?

L: Well I think that the audience can be, anyone can be because who doesn’t want to discover their true life purpose? Think of this, when you can discover life’s purpose it doesn’t matter good or bad, right? Life has good purpose, then health you will have good health, you will have good life purpose. So the whole Chinese medicine at the lowest level you do prevent the disease and have good health, highest level, you change your path, you discover life purpose. So I think in this kind of practice, in the Chinese medicine, you can use it for many different purpose all depends whether you believe.

N: So basically half the battle is a belief in the modalities?

L: Yes, you are absolutely right. You’ll believe the change, your angle change, your…change, right? Just like the new movie ‘Now I see you,’ can you imagine they say see is a belief, you have a different belief, you have a different way to see things differently. So with the exactly as of today modern science that this is about the time and the space, your time in given time is your emotions. Space never change, you change the time, you change the space but you change your belief that disease can change at a different angle.

N: Great. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. We’ve been in studio with Master Nan Lu. He’s a New York State licensed Acupuncturist and he’s been in studio today with us discussing professional training programs that are offered by the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation. You can get more information about the Traditional Chinese Medicine Foundation by going to You can also get more information about Master Lu at It’s been great to have you here with us in studio today Master Lu.

L: Thank you.

N: Thank you. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at and also at and you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.


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