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Nathan_Cheong_BioCeuticalsGuest: Nathan Cheong
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Nathan Cheong is the Managing Director of BioCeuticals. Prior to taking on the role of Managing Director, Nathan was the General Manager of Herbs of Gold a subsidiary of public listed company Vita Life Science. Nathan is a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist and holds degrees in Health Science, Science and Social Work. He currently sits on the Complementary Health Care Councils Complaints resolution panel and is a member of the Australian Institute of management.

Segment overview: Nathan Cheong, Managing Director of BioCeuticals, discusses the growth of BioCeuticals and upcoming launches and news.

Health Professional Radio – Growth of BioCeuticals

Neal Howard: Hello, welcome to Health Professional Radio. Thank you for joining us on the program today, I’m your host Neal Howard. Our guest today is Managing Director of BioCeuticals. BioCeuticals is a practitioner only supplier of nutritional supplements and he’s here today to talk with us about the growth of BioCeuticals, what’s going on with BioCeuticals, some upcoming news and new launches. Welcome to the program Mr. Nathan Cheong.

Nathan Cheong: Thanks for having me Neal.

N: Now you are the Managing Director of BioCeuticals. Prior to taking the role of Managing Director, you were General Manager of Herbs of Gold. Talk about your experience with supplemental nutrition.

C: Yes, sure. So my background is I’m a Naturopath and prior to that I was a Psychologist and Social Worker and have been in the health industry for around 25 years. I made the change…when I guess I experienced the benefits of naturopathic medicine and holistic health personally. And was just astounded by the fact that we as individuals, we predominantly treat symptoms when we go and see a GP or a physician and we’re not dealing with the cause. So that kind of got me into the field of naturopathy and I was a practitioner and still I’m a practitioner for around 15 years, started in practice, had a health food store, practiced at a health food store and then got into a little bit of consulting on the side and so I was approached by companies, I have to go to revamp their supplement range which are I was doing as a consultant and then got more and more involved with that company and the next thing I know I’m on the sales and marketing manager and then general manager a short time later. While fulfilling that role I guess I became very much immersed in the culture of complementary medicine and the complementary medicine industry and really cut my teeth on formulation of products because that was my passion back at the Herbs of Gold and applying those new formulations into the retail space, educating practitioners in the space to be able to sell the products. And then to a point where we grew that business, we were growing year by year to be around about 15% and then the opportunity came up to work for BioCeuticals which was a health care professional only brand as you mentioned before and the opportunity around BioCeuticals is really something that I was very passionate about because it brought me back to my roots around practitioner only products with practitioners and so that sort of brought me into BioCeuticals and I was lucky enough to be successful to get that position. BioCeutical as you talked about is the health care professional launch, we offer the largest health care professional only products company in Australia and we are owned by Blackmores Limited, the largest complementary medicine brand in Australia in the retail space. So we’re very much aligned with regards to our philosophy in terms of natural medicine and we’re very dedicated to education and marketing of those products.

N: BioCeuticals has recently sponsored a symposium with many, many people taking the podium to talk about their different philosophy, different methods and different supplements. Talk a bit about the symposium.

C: Yes, so every year we run a symposium and we’ve been running that in Sydney over the last 3 to 4 years. This year we were lucky enough to have an array of amazing speakers, we had David Perlmutter who I guess you’d know, he’s very well known throughout the complementary medicine industry, David spoke on obviously the gut, the gut health and…we had Dr. Alessio Fasano and Dr. Alessio Fasano from Boston University who discovered zonulin. Dr. Alessio spoke for a number of hours and then he ran a workshop in the afternoon around zonulin and we had Dr. Deanna Minich and Dr. Andrew Heyman. So it was an interesting format that we have with the symposium. So we don’t run a whole lot of plenary, we run two plenaries in the morning and then we’ve run workshops related to those plenaries in the afternoon. So our participants will really become immersed in the speakers’ topics and they go deep, so when I say we go deep I mean we really get into the nitty-gritty of the conditions that we’re speaking of, the treatment protocols, we do a hell lot of case study. The case studies in the afternoon … it’s really an interactive I guess tutorial for one of the better word and where the delegates can really ask a lot of questions, they can get into the real minatory of the cases and it’s proved to be an incredibly successful format. We’ve had over 500 doctors and naturopaths and chiropractics and pharmacists attend this year’s symposium to rave reviews. So it’s a real, it’s really successful format and it’s one that we’re gonna be continuing next year.

N: Great. Now you’re branching out in some different areas. What about isoWhey, is that a subsidiary of BioCeuticals?

C: Yes. So IsoWhey is our, I guess our weight management protein range of products. It’s a brand that has been around probably about 15 years as well and it grew out, I guess as the brain child of Dr. Robert Buist here in Australia and Dr. Robert Buist also works with us at BioCeuticals and IsoWhey. IsoWhey is a range of protein supplements, it’s a very clean product range, what I mean by ‘clean’ is that it contain no artificial sweeteners, it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, it is completely whey protein concentrate and whey protein IsoWhey. So we don’t use full protein, milk solid skim milk powder, etc. – none of that, so it’s extremely hypoallergenic, extremely clean. Now the IsoWhey range is sold in pharmacies in Australia in health food stores. Part of the IsoWhey range we also have a range called IsoWhey whole food which is our whole food and superfood range and then we have another branch of that called IsoWhey Sport. Now, IsoWhey Sport is again it’s an extremely clean range of products and we developed those products in conjunction with a number of high profile, elite athletes and teams to benefit them with regards to their training, recovery, pre-training formulations and we are to sponsor their cycling team in Australia which is the Avanti IsoWhey Sport Cycling Team and they’re the most successful cycling team in Australia. So they’re doing really well with the products, they’re doing really well for itself especially…Sky cycling and I’m not sure if some of your listeners will know the Sky Team who ride in Tour de France.

N: As a psychologist, have you or did you notice an effect on mental function when you began to delve into naturopathy?

C: Yeah, that’s a really interesting question, I think we whilst I have been very skilled and very a lot of experience in the cognitive behavior therapies and different types of psychological interventions. What I found really interesting was when I was in practice was when you take those modalities or those interventions and you partner them or connect them with therapies around herbal therapies, nutritional therapies when you start. When you start really feeling the gut and improving gut function and then putting over the top of that nervous restorative and…depending on the condition that you’re treating, you get this amazing, I guess effect that you wouldn’t normally get just by psychological intervention. So it’s a really powerful, I guess suite of interventions when you actually take them and combine them with traditional psychological treatment. So what I found was that you would get people healthy to a point but then when you over lay diet, lifestyle factors, when you get people sleeping better, when you take away the inflammation, when you treat the gut, you actually get a, I guess a real ramping up of people getting better and that it’s almost like…with regards to the results for the treatment. So yeah, absolutely, it’s incredible what we see with regards to understanding the gut, understand how the gut impacts the mind and understanding how inflammation all takes place part of that as well. We’re also not as hands on in terms of my practice these days, I still see it through our customers and through our health care professionals who are out there treating in this manner.

N: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. And in studio today with us is Mr. Nathan Cheong, Managing Director of BioCeuticals and IsoWhey. He has 13, well more than 13 years’ experience in the complimentary medicine industry. Now prior to taking on the role of Managing Director, Nathan was the General Manager of Herbs of Gold which is a subsidiary of a publicly listed company Vita Life Science. And he’s been in studio today with us taking about BiioCeuticals, his role in BioCeuticals and the growth and expansion of BioCeuticals today. It’s been a pleasure talking with you in studio today Nathan.

C: Thanks Neal.

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