The Needs of Young Athlete vs. Older Athletes

Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Dr. Robert Weil
Guest Bio: Dr. Robert Weil is a sports podiatrist who specializes in orthotics. He promotes safe and sensible advice for parents of young athletes. Host of The sports doctor on Healthy life radio Healthy life. Net network and also advocates and supports, “Ending Childhood Obesity” and “Blessings in a Backpack.”

Segment Overview: Dr. Robert Weil discusses young athletes and how their needs and experiences differ greatly from those of older, more experienced athletes.


Health Professional Radio

Neal: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, very glad that you could join us here in studio today. Our guest is Dr. Robert Weil, a sports podiatrist specializing in orthotics, improving alignments, stability, balance and performance in athletes and non- athletes alike. Also the host of the Sports Doctor at healthy life radio heard on Many of our kids are participating in sports and we’re hoping that they become more experienced athletes and maybe continue later on in life. But the needs of the young athletes and the needs of the older, more experience athletes greatly vary. How are you doing today, Doctor?

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