New Diabetes Pill Developed

Scientists have developed a new diabetes pill, created with a special material that mimics surgery for people with diabetes particularly type 2. Known as Luminal Coating of the Intestine (LuCI), the maerial has the ability to temporarily coat the small intestine and reduce the level of glucose that passes through the bloodstream during digestion.

LuCI acts as a partial barrier to nutrient absorption and can prevent the common blood sugar “spikes” that occurs after consuming a meal.

Researchers tested LuCI on rats and found that it reduced “glucose response” by almost half.

“We envision a pill that a patient can take before a meal that transiently coats the gut to replicate the effects of surgery,’’ said co-senior study author Professor Jeff Karp, who is a bioengineer and principal investigator from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA.

LuCI is intended to be swallowed once and dissolves after several hours.

This new material offers hope to the millions of type 2 diabetics searching for a new way to reverse their condition instead having painful and invasive survey.

There are around 30 million diabetics in the US, 90-95 per cent of whom have type 2 Diabetes.

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