Non-Addictive Pain Management and Treatment Options

Dr. Joshua Prager, Director of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Pain Syndromes at UCLA Medical Plaza, along with his patient Andrea Sherman, discuss a drug-free approach to managing chronic pain.

Dr. Prager is a faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology at UCLA. Dr. Prager’s clinical practice focuses on Complex Regional Pain Syndromes, Neuromodulation, and precision spinal diagnostics and therapeutics. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Prager has also served under oath as a medical expert witness in many cases such as pain and suffering, worker’s compensation, and disability.

Andrea Sherman, Dr. Prager’s patient, was involved in an accident 20 years ago working on the set of a children’s TV show, which resulted in chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). To manage the pain, she was put on opioids, had multiple surgeries, and tried countless doctors, acupuncture and injections treatments. She then underwent surgery to have a spinal cord stimulation (SCS) device implanted. Andrea’s pain subsided, allowing her to sleep for the first time in seven years and discontinue using opioids.

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