Non-Invasive Penis Enlargement Solutions by Calibre Clinic [transcript][audio]

Guest: Dr Jayson Oates  

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Dr Jayson Oates, Medical Director of CALIBRE Clinic, is a highly skilled surgeon with almost 20 years of experience in aesthetic and lifestyle surgery. He finished Bachelor of Surgery in 1990 and finished Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) training in 1997. Dr Oates developed an interest in the lifestyle and genital-aesthetic medicine and has expanded his cosmetic surgery to include body reshaping, snore-reduction and genital rejuvenation/enhancement. He established CALIBRE Clinic, a specialty practice dedicated to medical male enhancement procedures.

Segment Overview: Research shows that up to 60% of men have concerns about the size or appearance of their penis. CALIBRE Clinic offers painless, non-surgical, safe medical procedures to increase penis girth. They also offer non-medicated options to address men’s  issues with erectile dysfunction.

Transcript – Calibre Clinic

Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today my guest joins me from Perth in Australia, he is Dr. Jayson Oates and he’s the Medical Director of the Calibre Clinic and we’re going to talk to him about what Calibre Clinic does but in particular, My Face My Body has just named him in the Ultimate 100, 2017 lists for the Calibre procedure and we’re going glassed about that experience as well. Dr. Oates, welcome to the program.

Dr. Jayson Oates:  Nice to speak with you Wayne.

Wayne:  Now Dr. Oates tell us about the Calibre Clinic and what it is you do and who you do it for.

Dr. Oates:  Well Wayne, it’s a new thing. My practice in Perth which is Academy Face and Body is a cosmetic surgical practice and I see people for facelifts and nose jobs and we do botox and body treatments and all of those things. We’re a large clinic, we have three doctors here, three nurses doing injectables, three therapists doing various treatments and a few years ago, I had a couple of men in sequence that have just asked is there anything that we could do to increase the size of their penis and we didn’t have anything available and they didn’t want to have surgery. The surgery was far too invasive and it’s not that big a deal to them, but they said, ‘Well you’ve got all these other treatments, why don’t you have a simple treatment for increasing the size of the penis?’ And so I did a lot of research and reading articles and found that they were doing it in Korea and in fact it is a very popular procedure in Korea and a number of articles had been written by some neurologists who are the bladder and penis expert doctors. And I was looking at what they were doing and thinking, ‘Well these guys are urologist they’re not cosmetic injectors.’ And I think this procedure could be done a whole lot better and so we sort of started to investigate what could be done, how it could be done better and how to make it the best possible procedure that it could be and then we ended up with Calibre.

Wayne:  Now Dr. Oates I know this is a serious and for lots of people a very serious topic, why hasn’t this kind of just been routine forever? Why has it come about now?

Dr. Oates:  It’s interesting that there hasn’t been more interest. Certainly over the last couple of years the interest is increasing and in my time, I certainly find that there are now more doctors scattered around the world who are starting to do it. My expertise was initially in the face and in fact everybody who’s doing injectable fillers, their expertise is in the face and so the penis was sort of a foreign land and none of the companies were making a filler specifically for the penis and so yes, it just didn’t seem to come up so to speak. But with the increase of the less invasive procedures, people wanting to be able to have something that is a small thing that makes them feel more confident, comfortable in their appearance. I guess it was an inevitable being that was going to be developed and yes, we’re finding that injectable phalloplasty injecting fillers to increase the girth especially of the penis is becoming more and more popular than more men know about it.

Wayne:  Now as an injectable procedure, I’m assuming this is quite a quick and basically a treatment room procedure rather than anything surgical.

Dr. Oates:  Well certainly when we were designing the Calibre procedure, we had a list of criteria that we thought it needed to be painless, a walk-in-walk-out, no downtime and to be particularly safe. This is not a sort of an area where anybody wants any messing around and it is like all cosmetic procedures, there’s a low tolerance for complications. But I think for men, this is an area where you really don’t want anything to go wrong and I think that’s also why the uptake of surgery for penis enhancement in size is still a really rare procedure because it’s a very invasive surgical procedure. But we found that we were able to make it pain-free essentially with local anesthetic cream. We’ve had to work while at getting exactly the right filler that is going to feel right and it’s going to last long time and I guess the main thing is that it needs to be done as a sterile procedure. There is a specific infection that can happen in the penis and in the scrotum called ‘Fournier’s Gangrene’ and it’s not saying that you see any more but when it happens, it’s like you hear the flesh-eating virus ‘Necrotizing Fasciitis’ – it can be a very devastating infection. I do have people contacting me from around the world who have had injections done in perhaps less than ideal circumstances who have had this infection occur and yet, it turn into a bit of a disaster very quickly. So I guess yes, for our patients they find it’s a quick and simple procedure, walk-in-walk-out, it takes an hour and there’s really no downtime. Like a lot of things in medicine, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that’s what the patient experiences.

Wayne:  You’re listening to Wayne Bucklar and I’m in conversation with Dr. Jayson Oates who is the Medical Director at the Calibre Clinic in Perth and also at and Dr. Oates is a cosmetic surgeon and we’ve been talking about for wanting of a better word I guess injectable penile enlargement. Now Dr. Oates, with everything there are pros and cons, what are the selection criteria that someone’s going to go through in their head to lead them to having this done?

Dr. Oates:  Yes. One of this things again when we’re developing it, well if you had this walk-in-walk-out painless procedure what percentage of guys are going to be interested in increasing the size of their penis? And we were thinking 99% and 1% are going to lie. So there’s a lot of guys who’ve got some interest in it. There are some guys who have this underlying background anxiety about the size of their penis and I work with a PhD psychologist who work specifically in this area and we published a one paper earlier this year and we’ve got another couple sort of in the pipeline at the moment. And some people would say, ‘Well this is a psychological problem. It doesn’t really matter how big your penis is.’ And I guess it’s a bit like anybody who wants to have any cosmetic surgery, a facelift or a nose job or in fact if you get your hair colored or if you match your shoes to your belt or you buy yourself a new handbag or whatever it is, a lot of people spend a lot of their time, effort and money on things that perhaps aren’t necessary but just makes them feel better, make them feel more comfortable, confident in their appearance and that’s what the procedure is about and that’s what it is for the majority of men. And then the question comes up, what about that medical condition of micropenis where the erect penis, in this definition is less than seven and a half centimeters so less than half of perhaps what is average. And in that case, this procedure isn’t really a correction for micropenis. It’s more for your average everyday guy maybe totally average in size, maybe slightly bigger, slightly smaller, it doesn’t matter but just wants to have that feeling of a slightly bigger penis.

Wayne:  Now, what’s on the other side of the coin? You mentioned micropenis but what other things would prevent people from having the procedure?

Dr. Oates:  In the blog that I write on the Calibre Clinic website, I listed the five conditions that make you and an ideal candidate forum for Calibre procedure and they are having an average sized penis. So I’ve had a few guys who have really big penises which is not a problem, it’s just that to make a substantial size difference and then they’d being going to put even more product in. And again, it’s a micropenis then this isn’t the solution. Technically, it’s easier to do it on a circumcised penis than on an uncircumcised penis because you’ve got a more limited area where the gel can be placed, that makes it easier. But of course, the vast majority of young men now are uncircumcised. Much of our patients now are uncircumcised and that’s fine and we can work with that. There’s a condition that most men are familiar with or a term of being a ‘Shower or Grower’ or what we might call ‘Shrinkage.’ So if you’re a guy who suffers a lot of shrinkage, it means when it’s flaccid it’s a lot shorter and when it’s erect it becomes a lot bigger. For guys who get a lot of shrinkage that can bunch the product up a little bit after it’s been injected and so that again not an advantage when we’re doing the procedure. However, it’s often guys who have a lot of shrinkage that are very keen on having the procedure so we’ve got ways around that as well. I guess the number one thing that we want to avoid is anybody who’s got infection in the area and that’s sort of perhaps the contraindication to having the procedure.

Wayne:  It’s fascinating to talk to you today Dr. Oates. I’m sure that it will be a segment which proves to be very popular on the radio because every time we do men’s health, we find there are lots of men come out of their work for something that they can learn about without being too exposed. So I’m sure we’ll have lots of interest. How do people get in touch to you?

Dr. Oates:  The easiest way and in fact this is what most men find the most difficult part is getting in contact with us initially,, there’s a live chat function and email. We’ve got a clinic in Sydney in Crows Nest as well as our clinic in Perth. Soon we’re in fact we’re going to start doing training for other doctors because we’re soon getting to the point where we’re just not going to be able to treat all the men that we’ve got who are interested in it. And of course, there are patients from all around the country that are keen on having the procedure. So we’re going to need to train doctors around the country. But the website is probably the easiest way for people who are really interested to find out more, there’s a lot of information and all of our contact details in there.

Wayne:  Dr. Jayson Oates, Medical Director at Calibre Clinic and at the good luck with the My Face My Body Awards coming up in Sydney shortly where you’re a finalist and we look forward to perhaps hearing that story after it happens in November when the awards have been handed out. We might have another chat with you. Thank you for sharing your time with us today. I do appreciate it, I know you’re a busy man.

Dr. Oates:  Very nice talking to you Wayne. I appreciate it.

Wayne:   Now I should mention for my listeners that the advice that Dr. Oates has just given this in fact not medical advice, it is advised of a general nature and should you be looking for medical advice, please seek specific medical advice from your practitioner rather than rely on information on this program which is for entertainment purposes only. If you’ve missed my conversation with Dr. Oates, the good news is on our website we have a transcript of the whole interview, you can also listen to the audio archive in full on YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes. My name is Wayne Bucklar, this is Health Professional Radio.

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