Novel Dietary Supplements and Compounds


Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Dr. Andrew Heyman
Guest Bio: A medical practitioner and internationally recognised expert in natural therapies, Dr Heyman has been involved in the field of antiageing and integrative medicine for over two decades and has extensive experience in nutrition, vitamins, herbology, Chinese medicine, manual therapies and more. Dr Heyman is currently the Program Director of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at The George Washington University, USA. Prior to assuming this role, he spent 16 years at the University of Michigan, serving to build one of the largest and most successful academic-based Integrative Medicine programs in the United States, and was the clinical chair of the Consortium of Academic Health Centres for Integrative Medicine a collaboration of 57 North American universities involved in Integrative Medicine. He is the online editor for the Journal of Men’s Health in the section of Integrative Medicine, and he also holds the position of Editor-In-Chief of the Internet Journal of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine. His research interests include the Stress response and NeuroEndocrinology, Cardiometabolic Disease, Men’s Health and clinical outcomes research methodologies.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine and today our guest is Dr. Andrew Heyman, an international expert in integrative and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Heyman is a recognized expert in natural medicine and has been involved in the field of anti-aging and integrative medicine for over two decades. He has extensive experience in Nutrition, Vitamins, Herbology, Chinese medicine and Manual Therapies. Andrew is a guest speaker at this year’s A5M conference and joins us today to talk about Innovations in Botanical Medicine. Welcome to our show Andrew.

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