Novo Nordisk Researchers are Pushing the Boundaries of Science to Address Chronic Disease

Theresa Bak-Thomsen, PhD, Director, Discovery Biologics at Novo Nordisk research center Seattle discusses her path to becoming a woman in leadership/STEM. She talks about how her multifaceted team is exploring new modes of action to discover potential new therapies and provides insight into what it takes to discover and develop new antibodies for medical conditions. She also discusses the broader scientific focus of the Novo Nordisk research center Seattle – the foundation of the company’s U.S. research development efforts for diabetes, obesity, liver disease, and other therapeutic areas.

Theresa Bak-Thomsen, Ph.D., is Director of Discovery Biologics at Novo Nordisk Research Center Seattle and brings with her a depth of experience in antibody discovery as well as a passion for the interplay between biology, technology, and drug discovery.

In her career, she has overseen and supported the discovery of potential treatments in a variety of therapeutic areas including diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, and autoimmune diseases.

Prior to this role, Theresa served in various positions at the Novo Nordisk headquarters in Denmark. Theresa holds a Ph.D. in immunology as well as a Master of Science from the University of Southern Denmark. She completed her post-doc training at Harvard Medical School.

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