Novocure® – Tumor Treating Fields

Pritesh Shah, Chief Commercial Officer of device maker Novocure® discusses Tumor Treating Fields, a cap-like device that aims electric fields at cancer cells to disrupt cell division and inhibit tumor growth.  He describes how Tumor Treating Fields pinpoints aggressive tumors with minimal damage to healthy cells.  He talks about research on possible future indications such as combining Tumor Treating Fields with Merck’s immunotherapy Keytruda® to treat non-small cell lung cancer.

Pritesh Shah joined Novocure in November 2012 and serves as Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to joining Novocure, Mr. Shah had extensive experiences in leading oncology commercial and medical affairs functions at Roche, Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, OSI Oncology and AVEO Oncology. He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University.

Health Professional Radio · Novocure® – Tumor Treating Fields

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