Nue Life Health – Ketamine Treatment and Aftercare for Depression

Demian Bellumio, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Nue Life Health, a next-gen mental wellness company that leverages the power of psychedelic drugs, discusses ketamine treatment and the newly launched Nue Care program. The program is a personalized and accessible 6-month aftercare program that focuses on treating the root causes of mental health conditions. He also expresses his concern of how the lack of aftercare options for a large part of the population who take SSRIs is harming future generations.

Demian Bellumio serves as the Chief Operating Office (Chief Technology Officer) and Co-Founder of Nue Life. Demian is an expert in enterprise AI, high-scalability computing and financing. He has built and managed many large tech teams and startups focused on AI and knowledge computing, and has previously worked at NEORIS, Accenture, GraphPath, among other firms.

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