Older Americans Regret Not Caring for Their Teeth…Yet Still Aren’t Doing So

Dr. Daniel Croley, DMD, Chief Dental Officer at Delta Dental of California and Affiliates discusses Delta Dental’s Senior Oral Health Report: Older Americans’ Oral Care Regrets, Barriers and Impact which revealed that Americans aged 50 and older wish they had gone to the dentist more when younger and other key findings. He also shares tips on how older Americans can get their smile back on track.

Daniel Croley, DMD, earned his BS and DMD degrees from the University of Kentucky and a GPR at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Louisville. After leaving private dental practice, Dr. Croley held several positions leading dental networks and informatics. Currently as Chief Dental Officer, he sets strategic policy and direction and oversees the patient-centered approach to dental care delivery for Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania and New York, and their affiliated companies.

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