Ordaōs – Generative AI in Drug Discovery and Development – Introduction

David Longo, Co-Founder and CEO of Ordaōs, an AI-driven drug design company, discusses generative AI and how Ordaos is using AI to design novel and customized mini-proteins they refer to as miniPRO ™. They achieve this development through their Odaōs Design Engine which leverages continuous learning loops and proprietary data sets to translate human-defined product criteria into machine-designed mini-proteins which can be safer and more effective. David will discuss what HCPs need to know about AI, how it can benefit drug design and development, and how AI can help create better drugs, faster, at less cost, and lower risk, and what this means for them.

David Longo is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ordaōs. As CEO of Ordaōs, Longo leads a strong scientific team to design novel mini-proteins that help drug hunters deliver safer and more effective treatments.

Longo brings to Ordaōs, broad experience in innovation and technology, that compel him to approach protein design in a unique way. His expertise in AI and machine learning is incorporated into Ordaōs’’ Design Engine, driving the rapid creation of never-before-seen mini-proteins with improved probability of more therapeutically effective candidates. Prior to Ordaōs, this entrepreneur led a series of companies which he grew into successful entities.

Longo has an MS in biotechnology from Harvard University, graduate certificates in AI, Machine Learning, Innovation and Technology from Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a master’s Certificate in Music Production from Berklee College of Music. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics from Rochester Institute of Technology. David is a learner, triathlete, and an inspirational leader.

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