The Overactive Bladder – Of UNKNOWN Origin


Guest: Justin Mandel, DOM AP
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio:  Justin Mandel, DOM AP is acupuncture physician who has invented a breakthrough, all-natural, patented, rehabilitative procedure that is totally safe, effective, & non-invasive. It is the first ever to help people to “Pee Less” by focusing on rehabilitating what “surrounds” the bladder instead of focusing on the bladder itself.

Segment overview: Justin Mandel discusses the specific causes of an overactive bladder and relates how a diagnosis of “unknown” as a cause plays an important role in his work.


Health Professional Radio

Neal: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. In studio today is Dr. Justin Mandel, he’s a Florida based acupuncturist and also the inventor of the patented bladder RE-EXPANSION technique procedure and patent pending bladder Re-X medical device. In addition, he’s the author of soon to be released “Top 10 Overactive Bladder Food Triggers: Modify Your Diet, Minimize Your Bathroom Visits.” And he’s returning with us today to talk about how the diagnosis of unknown as it relates to overactive bladder plays a huge part in his work and how it relates to his book as well. How are you doing today Justin?

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