Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) Virtual Reality Training Technology

Dr. Jack Pottle, Chief Medical Officer of Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS), a multi-award-winning virtual reality simulation company dedicated to optimizing patient care through enhanced healthcare education with VR headsets and OMS software, discusses the company and its latest technology presented at the 2019 American College of Emergency Physicians conference.

Dr. Jack Pottle, MD, is Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Oxford Medical Simulation – an award-winning virtual reality medical simulation company. A physician, NHS clinical entrepreneur and medical simulation instructor, Dr. Pottle is dedicated to improving patient safety by enhancing health care training. In his clinical practice, Dr. Pottle saw first-hand the errors made by clinicians and the lives that are lost because of it. He, therefore, founded Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) to deliver quality healthcare training in a fully-immersive, scalable and cost-efficient manner. The OMS virtual reality platform is now used worldwide to let doctors and nurses see and treat patients in virtual reality (VR) scenarios. Using VR headsets and the OMS software, learners can see virtual patients presenting with medical emergencies. The learner must ask questions, examine, investigate and treat the patient as they would in the real world. Learners can make mistakes without putting real lives at risk and then receive feedback on their performance. By providing clinical experiences on-demand, OMS is scaling healthcare training globally to improve patient care. Prior to working in virtual reality, Dr. Pottle led a non-profit online medical education company for five years. He has worked clinically across four continents, including in Belize and Thailand, and has designed and implemented nurse-led diabetic clinics in South Africa. He has presented at numerous international simulation conferences, has published multiple academic papers on healthcare education and authored a book chapter on VR simulation. He has degrees in psychology and medicine from Oxford University.

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