How Your Race and Gender Can Affect Your Quality of Care [transcript] [audio]

Segment Overview: Dr. Mary O’Connor, Chair of the Movement is Life Executive Steering Committee, along with Steering Committee Member, Dr. Carla Harwell, discuss an effort that is underway to try and eliminate patient care disparities that maybe due to gender, racial and ethnicity in health treatment.

Guests: Dr. Mary O’Connor & Dr. Carla M. Harwell

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio:  Dr. Mary O’Connor is the inaugural Director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Care (CMC) at Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Health, bringing together the medical disciplines of orthopaedics, rheumatology, spine, sports medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, nutrition and behavioral health to create a Center focused on integration, innovation and invigoration of patients, providers and payers. Leveraging the strength of Yale as a research institution, CMC is committed to creating the treatments of tomorrow in musculoskeletal care.

Carla M. Harwell, MD is the Medical Director of University Hospitals Otis Moss Jr. Health Center located in an urban area of Cleveland, the Fairfax community, offering primary care services to many residents in both Cleveland and the greater Cleveland community. There she has a special interest in reducing healthcare disparities that exist in that African American community.

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