Patient Living with Pompe Disease and Participant in the COMET Clinical Trial

Alison Miles, a patient living with Pompe disease, a condition that develops when the body can’t make a protein that breaks down a complex sugar, glycogen, shares her unique diagnosis journey, the importance of self-education and patient empowerment, and the company she started, due to her mobility issues, for functional socks with grips that were fashionable.  She discusses her experience with Nexviazyme® (avalglucosidase alfa) as a patient in the COMET clinical trial.

Alison Miles is a wife, mother and small business owner living in Chicago.

In 2017, Alison was diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare genetic disease that impacted her ability to move and breathe, making it difficult for her to perform simple everyday tasks. After receiving a diagnosis, she enrolled in a clinical study and has since launched a business based on her own personal need for socks that can help people with mobility challenges.

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