The Importance of Yearly Pediatric Eye Exams [Transcript] [Audio]


Guest:  Dr. Andrea P. Thau & Maria Garcia

Presenter: Neal Howard   

Guest Bio: Andrea P. Thau, O.D., was first elected to the American Optometric Association Board of Trustees in 2007, and installed as Immediate Past President at the 120th Annual AOA Congress & 47th Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry’s Meeting® in June 2017.  In addition to her responsibilities as Immediate Past President, Dr. Thau serves as chair of the AOA Personnel Committee and is a member of the Executive and Agenda Committees.  Prior to her election to the Board, Dr. Thau served as the first woman president of the New York State Optometric Association, the New York Academy of Optometry and the Optometric Society of the City of New York.  She is a founding member of the AOA’s InfantSEE® committee which developed the InfantSEE® program and was a member of multiple AOA committees, including the AOA Pediatrics and Binocular Vision Committee, the Infants’ Vision Project Team, and the Faculty Relations Committee. Dr. Thau is the owner of a four doctor group private practice on Park Avenue in Manhattan. The practice is a full-scope primary care practice with special emphasis on children’s vision and vision therapy.

Ruby Mosqueda and her mother, Maria Garcia

At the age of eight Ruby Mosqueda was experiencing excruciating headaches that perplexed her physicians.  When her mother, Maria Garcia, took Ruby to an optometrist for her regular comprehensive eye exam, they discovered the cause of her pain. The optometrist found a tumor the size of a golf ball that was pressing on a nerve in Ruby’s brain. The non-cancerous tumor was removed and Ruby has recovered.

Segment overview: Dr. Andrea Thau and Maria Garcia talk about a new Pediatric Comprehensive Eye Exam that can help protect your child’s vision and the importance of regular pediatric eye exams for all children.

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