Philippine’s DOT Pushing For Medical Tourism

The Department of Tourism (DOT)  in the Philippines wants to start promoting the country as a medical tourism and wellness destination by pushing for a 6-month medical visa for foreign travelers. The medical visa will be given to tourists who seek medical surgery and medical treatment in the Philippines.

According to Roberto Alabado, the agency’s director for Medical Travel and Wellness Tourism, the Philippines has a lot of potential for medical tourism because of the large number of hospitals with high classes medical facilities and the growing number of highly skilled human resources in the medical field.

Mr. Alabado said the country has the key ingredients to be the next medical tourism destination in the world as Filipinos are known for their innate skills and attitude to take care of their clients and their ability to integrate wellness, medical and tourism. He added, ‘’The Philippines is competing with its neighbors in Asia for these markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan but they are doing their best to attract more visitors to explore the capabilities of the hospitals in the Philippines.’’

Countries such as the The United States, Guam, Palau, Australia, Canada and Indonesia are considered to be the top market of the Philippines for medical tourism.

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