Plant Life Balance: The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

In this interview, Dr. Dominique Hes from the University of Melbourne joins HPR to talk about the amazing and cutting-edge work she has at Thrive Research Hub. The Plant Life Balance is one of the topics she emphasizes on as well as the benefits plants can have on people even when they are indoors.

Dr. Dominique Hes is the Director of the Thrive Research Hub at the University of Melbourne. Dominique received a science degree from Melbourne University and followed this with a graduate diploma in Engineering (Cleaner Production) and a Doctorate in Architecture 2005 from RMIT University, Melbourne. Throughout her 25 years of working, learning and practicing in the sustainability field, she has asked the question why given all the effort being put into sustainability are we becoming more unsustainable, with most ecological and social indicators in decline. Though not resolved this question resulted in the book Designing for Hope: pathways to Regenerative sustainability, which investigates both the reason for our lack of progress towards sustainability and presents projects and approaches that are starting to address this.

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