PRA Health Sciences – Decentralized Clinical Trials

Returned guest, Kent Thoelke, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President at PRA Health Sciences, a leading pharmaceutical service, healthcare data, and contract research provider discusses decentralized and virtual clinical trials and the impact on the future of pharmaceuticals.

Kent Thoelke is the Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President of PRA Health Sciences, a global contract research organization that is focused on clinical research as a care option (CRACCO).

With almost three decades in the drug development and clinical trials industry, Mr. Thoelke has had the opportunity to participate in all levels of drug research from the bench to the bedside globally. Having had the opportunity to work in biotech, pharma and the CRO industries, he brings a unique perspective based on those experiences to the modernization of clinical trials.
Mr. Thoelke is an industry pioneer and leader in the space of decentralized and virtual clinical trials and the underlying technologies that support such trials. Mr. Thoelke currently oversees the Digital Health and Mobile Health Platforms as well as commercial Remote Patient Monitoring divisions at PRA Health Sciences.

In addition to his focus on digital health, he also has oversight of Scientific Affairs, Medical Affairs, and Patient Safety, and has spent the last decade focused on the use of real-world data and technology to support novel mechanisms to make clinical trial access and drug development more efficient. Through the creation of departments focused solely on real-world data, real-world evidence, advanced analytics via machine learning and artificial intelligence, and technology applications to support mobile and virtual trials, he has been an industry leader and vocal champion for disrupting the current paradigms in clinical research to ensure that every patient has access to the best possible care options.

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