Prealize – Precision Healthcare

Linda Hand, CEO of Prealize, discusses the use of AI and machine learning to pinpoint individuals and populations most likely to have a significant health event over the next 12-18 months that will benefit from early intervention. She also talks about the post-pandemic healthcare surge and precision public health.

Linda T. Hand brings 35 years’ experience to her role as CEO of Prealize, with an emphasis in organizational leadership, product development, solutions delivery and go-to-market strategies across a diverse portfolio of industries. Previously, Linda led the Clinical Trial Optimization Solutions division at IQVIA, where she was responsible for creating and delivering a suite of innovative clinical technology products, fueled by predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, to drug development organizations worldwide. She is the past president and CEO of the San Francisco-based DecisionView, the leading provider of clinical trial enrollment optimization solutions. She also ran product development and delivery at a number of leading software companies, including DigitalThink, Hyperion, Arbor Software and Sybase. Linda holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and completed the Haas School of Business Executive Program.

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