Pregnancy Gingivitis and Ways to Keep it Under Control

70 percent of women develop gingivitis in pregnancy and it has been linked to premature births. Dr. Amanda Sheehan of Oakland Family Dental discusses the importance of periodontal exams as part of prenatal care and gives some tips on keeping gingivitis under control.

Waterford dentist Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan has become known for her relentless dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of dental care practices. A member of all five major dental associations, Dr. Sheehan continuously strives to be completely up to date on new developments in dentistry. From awards like the Excellence in Clinical Dentistry award she won her senior year, to graduating summa cum laude at Franklin Pierce University, Dr. Sheehan has a history of pursuing excellence in all endeavors. Taking a special interest in dental implants and prosthetics, Dr. Sheehan has undergone significant specialized training in those areas. Dr. Sheehan’s graduation from Implant Dentistry Continuum demonstrates her deep knowledge of the various implant procedures, and her expertise in the field of dental implants is highly regarded in the dental community. Most importantly, Dr. Sheehan has dedicated her life to helping those most in need of dental care. Holding a position on the staff at St. John Macomb Hospital where she serves as a member of the tumor board, Dr. Sheehan has spent significant time with patients in various stages of cancer. These experiences have cemented her love of helping people and granted her the knowledge to best serve those who need serious dental care.

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