ProAir ® Digihaler ® System Clinical Study in Asthma Management

Dr. Flavia C. L. Hoyte, Allergist and Immunologist, National Jewish Health in Denver, CO, and Associate Professor, Medicine-Allergy/Clinical Immunology at the University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, CO discusses the first ever CONNECT1 clinical study to evaluate the ProAir ® Digihaler ® (albuterol sulfate), a smart inhaler system compared to standard of care. It has built-in sensors that automatically record the patient’s inhalations, to help them and their doctor personalize their treatment plan. The study showed that adults and children aged 13 and older with uncontrolled asthma using the ProAir Digihaler System experienced improvements in controlling their asthma compared with those using standard-of-care albuterol inhalers.

Dr Flavia C.L. Hoyte works as an allergist and immunologist in Denver, Colorado and is affiliated with several hospitals including the National Jewish-Health Denver and the SCL Health Saind Joseph Hospital. She is also an Associate Professor working in Medicine-Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Colorado Hospital. Hoyte received her medical degree from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and has been in the practice for over fifteen years. Her research areas include allergies and asthma, she serves on multiple boards including the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and American Board of Internal Medicine and has won numerous awards and recognitions for her contributions within the medical field.

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