Profiling Cancer on a Molecular Level [transcript] [audio]


Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Dr. David Spetzler joined Caris Life Sciences in August of 2009, and has held several management positions with increasing responsibilities during his tenure. He currently serves as President and Chief Scientific Officer and provides executive leadership for the company’s service lines, Caris Molecular Intelligence® and ADAPT Biotargeting System™.

Prior to his position at Caris, Dr. Spetzler was a member of the research faculty at Arizona State University where he developed multiplexed nanotechnologies for single molecule detection of nucleic acid and protein targets. At Arizona State University Dr. Spetzler earned an MS from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Science in Computational Bioscience, a Ph.D. in Molecular Cellular Biology and an MBA. Dr. Spetzler is an adjunct faculty member of the molecular cellular biology program at Arizona State University.

Segment overview: David Spetzler, Chief Scientific Officer at Caris Life Sciences to talks about their involvement with several studies where cancer is being treated based on molecular profile rather than its site of origin.

Transcript – TBU

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