Promoting GMO Food Labeling And Non-patented Natural Seeds.

Brett Wilcox and David Wilcox
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Brett Wilcox and David Wilcox
Guest Bio: Brett Wilcox is a licensed professional counselor, athlete, and activist. The author of “We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World Lie after Lie”, Brett and his 15b year old son David are running across America starting from Huntington Beach, California in January 2014. Bretts’s wife and daughter will crew for the runners. They are promoting personal and environmental health, GMO food labeling, and non-patented natural seeds.

Segment Overview
Brett and David Wilcox discuss why they are running across America to promote GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)labeling and non-patented seeds for personal and environmental health.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest today is Brett Wilcox, along with his son, David. They’re running across the country. Now, you might ask yourself, “Why would someone run across the country?” Well, Brett is a licensed professional counsellor, he’s an athlete, and he’s also an activist, the author of We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World Lie After Lie.

Now, they’re running starting this month, actually, in Huntington Beach, California, and they’re going to run the entire country, educating people about the dangers of GMOs. How are you guys doing today?

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