The Property Show: Will You Ever Get Rich on a Salary?

Presenter: Ed Nixon of Trilogy Funding
Guest: Chris Gray
Guest Bio: Chris Gray inspires individuals with the thought that to make real wealth you need to do the complete opposite to what everyone else is doing. At the age of 22 Chris Gray began his journey investing in real estate with a deposit of $35,000. By age 31, Chris had turned his initial deposit into a $3.5m property portfolio and left his full-time job as an accountant at Deloitte’s for semi-retirement. Since then he has more than tripled his personal portfolio to well over $10m and now builds property portfolios for time-poor professionals through his Buyers Agency ‘Empire’, searching, negotiating and renovating on their behalf.
Chris is a host on Sky News Business Channel’s ‘Your Property Empire’ and features in major business press and newspapers. He was also the Property Expert on Channel 9’s ‘My Home’ and most recently seen on ’60 Minutes’ and guest judge on Channel 10’s ‘The Renovators.’

Segment Overview: Take a listen as Chris Gray explains the difference between having a high income salary and increasing one’s assets over the years. He points out that it is not how much you earn but what you plan to do with it. While most of us have been brought up with the mindset of getting a high income job to be able to live comfortably throughout our lives, this is not necessarily a guarantee. Chris advises us to build out assets over time and make value of our salary.


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Ed: Hello and welcome to The Property Show. I’m Ed Nixon from Trilogy Investment Property Funding. And today I’m interviewing Property and Wealth Creation Expert Chris Gray to get latest tips and ideas in creating more freedom of choice in your life. Chris is the host of “Your Property Empire” on Sky Business News Channel and is also the CEO of “Your Empire,” a buyer’s agency that builds property portfolios on behalf of time-poor professionals. The title of today’s show is “Will You Ever Get Rich on a Salary? Welcome Chris.

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