Immunotherapy and the Journey of a Prostate Cancer Patient [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Andrew Hilew

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guests Bio: Andrew Hilew, a practicing lawyer, was shocked when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. Another check of his PSA levels years later showed that his disease had progressed. So when his urologist recommended tackling his cancer with a new form of treatment for certain patients with advanced prostate cancer called immunotherapy, he was eager to try it. Today, Andrew’s PSA is down from 88 to 2.1. While he continues to undergo treatment for his disease, he still practices law and spends time golfing. Andrew is sharing his story in the hopes of encouraging men – and their loved ones – to be proactive about early detection of prostate cancer, and get educated on testing and advances in treatment.

Segment overview: Andrew Hilew, 71 years old, a husband and father of 5 from Michigan, discusses his journey with his advanced prostate cancer diagnosis and immunotherapy treatment.

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