Prostate Health

Michelle Wicky
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Michelle Wicky
Guest Bio: Michelle is the principal educator head consultant at Sexplained, which is a Sydney based business offering health education and consultancy. She is a lecturer and speaker in sexual and reproductive health issues including delivering to nurses, allied health universities, employees health and wellbeing programs within the corporate sector, NGO’s and more community group.

Segment Overview
Michelle will talk about Prostate Health


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine and today our guest is Michelle Wicky, an expert in the field of family planning, sexual health and sexual education, over 10 years experienced as a clinician in sexual health, reproductive health, blood-borne viruses and contraception. Michelle is the principal educator and consultant at Sexplained, a Sydney-based business offering health education and consultancy. Michelle is here to talk to us about prostate health. Thank you for joining us today, Michelle.

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