Dr Melissa Stoneham
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Dr Melissa Stoneham
Guest Bio: Dr Melissa Stoneham is a Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University, the Principal of Stoneham and Associates and has over 20 years experience in the fields of public and environmental health. She has worked with and for local, state and commonwealth government agencies, universities, professional associations, international agencies and International Aid organisations.

Segment Overview
Melissa is here to talk to use about the use of technology, such as smartphones, to promote health initiatives in particular Quitbuddy.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine, and today our guest is Dr. Melissa Stoneham, a Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University.

Melissa is here to talk about the use of technology such as smartphones to promote health initiatives, in particular, the app, QuitBuddy.

Welcome to our show.

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