Rare Genetic Diseases

Geneticist, Dr. Jennifer Ibrahim, MD, Head of North America Medical Affairs, Rare Disease at Sanofi Genzyme discusses rare genetic disease, why it’s so hard to diagnose, and the important role of genetic counselors for families who had a history of a rare genetic disease or learn of it. She talks about some new technologies and tests that are helping diagnose rare genetic diseases and what she anticipates will improve diagnosis and treatment moving forward.

Jennifer Ibrahim received her medical degree from New Jersey Medical School, trained in Pediatrics at Babies’ Hospital-Columbia University, and competed fellowship training in Human Genetics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She practiced general, prenatal, metabolic, and cancer genetics in northern New Jersey and was a consultant to the state Newborn Screening Program. She joined Sanofi Genzyme in 2013 as the US Medical Director for Gaucher disease and MPS I, and has been in her current role as Head of Rare Medical for North America since 2018.

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