Rhinomed – Improving the Way You Breathe [Transcript] [Audio]

Guest:  Michael Johnson

Presenter: Henry Acosta

Guest Bio: Michael Johnson is the CEO of Rhinomed. For over 20 years, Michael has specialised in the commercialisation of emerging technologies and brands. He has worked in and for a wide spectrum of companies from ASX300 through to start-ups in Life Sciences, Cleantech, Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, and Manufacturing. Michael has been a Principal at two leading global consulting firms. He also held senior roles in top marketing and communication firms, launching high profile products and brands.  

Segment overview: Rhinomed is an Australian-based company with a patented nasal technology platform committed to improve the way you breathe, sleep, maintain health, and take medication.  In this segment, CEO Michael Johnson joins us to talk about Rhinomed, their revolutionary technologies known as the Turbine® and the Mute®, and how these products can help users improve their nasal airflow and breathing. Michael also discusses INPEAP, a new product that helps patients who are suffering from mild and moderate sleep apnea.

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