Robotic Spine Surgery – Medtronic Robotic Guidance System

Dr. Eiman Shafa, MD, Orthopedic Surgery Specialist in Minneapolis, MN discusses his experience with Medtronic’s navigated interbody, disc prep, and Midas Rex™ high-speed drills with the Mazor™ Robotic Guidance System.  It allows surgeons to quickly visualize anatomy and spinal structures in relation to one another in 3D.  

Eiman Shafa, MD, FAAOS, is an Orthopedic Surgery Specialist in Minneapolis, MN. He currently works at Twin Cities Spine Center, where he performs minimally invasive and complex spine surgery and serves as director of education. In addition, he is the chair of robotic spine surgery and acting vice-chair of spine surgery and Allina Health. Dr. Shafa holds an M.D. from Temple University and completed his fellowship at Twin Cities Spine Center.

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