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Terry Hush, healthcare futurist, co-founder, and CEO of Roji Health Intelligence, a company that provides customized technology and data solutions to help healthcare providers succeed in value-based care, discusses how consumer-focused initiatives will greatly expand in 2022. As payers such as Medicare, health plans, and pharmaceutical companies expand efforts to align patients with primary or specialty providers with incentives for providing affordable health care, health systems will need to bridge the gap of consumer trust and data sharing to ensure their engagement in health system efforts, or face patient and financial losses under value-based reimbursements. 

Theresa Hush, Founder & CEO of Roji Health Intelligence.

Terry is a healthcare strategist and change expert with experience across the health care spectrum. She is a dynamic speaker and thought leader in health care, especially focused on Value-Based Health Care, health care coverage and financial trends, consumerism, and transformation. She is a frequent speaker and has authored many articles, published in health care journals.   She also is a regular writer of health care topics in the Roji Health Intelligence  weekly blog.

Terry’s broad range of health care experience includes executive positions in public, non-profit and private sectors, from both payer and provider sides of the business, peppered with health care public policy and regulation experience. She jokes that she has occupied a seat in every health care position except for the pharmaceutical industry. She led the transformation of Blue Cross Blue Shield in Illinois, reformed the Illinois Medicaid program to create better access and increase funding, and directed the strategic and contracting activities for a large clinically integrated hospital system. She is co-founder and CEO of Roji Health Intelligence, formed in 2002 to help providers prepare for Value-Based Health Care through technology and consultation services.

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