Running And Marathons

Marie Bean
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Marie Bean
Guest Bio: Marie Bean, Australia’s weight loss myth-buster. She’s written a revolutionary book that encourages readers to slim down by avoiding dieting, and to get fit the lazy way

Segment Overview
Marie talks about how she got involved in running and her marathons. Also discussed her book, Lazy Runner.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Katherine, and today our guest is Marie Bean. Marie is the original Lazy Runner. She has been a runner for over 25 years and has coached other runners for the past seven years. She has completed 12 marathons and at the age of 50, she started running ultramarathons. Her biggest claim to fame is that through all these years of running races, not to mention the miles of training that she’s done, she has never had an injury. Not once.

Marie has recently completed a 12-month book tour of Australia and the United Kingdom. She has spoken at over 100 events and conducted running workshops, recorded many radio interviews, and she joins us today. Welcome to our show!

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