RxBenefits – Membership Growth Amid Rising Benefits Costs

Nathan White, Chief Client Officer of RxBenefits discusses how data analytics combined with clinical oversights can reduce costs for employers and improve health outcomes for members leveraging the Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer (PBO) model. He talks about the products and technology developments the company has planned for the coming months, the significant milestones that led to the company’s growth, and how its recent recapitalization by Advent International positions them to better address an underserved market in 2021.

Nathan White, Chief Client Officer, joined RxBenefits in 2017 with more than 18 years of experience in pharmacy client consulting, account management, and medication compliance and safety with both CVS Health and OptumRx. Nathan’s successful career has been fueled by his passion for helping benefit consultants and clients cut through the complexity inherent in the pharmacy ecosystem so that they can make intelligent decisions around pharmacy benefits and developing tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

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