Sangamo Therapeutics on the New Frontiers of Genomic Medicine

Sangamo Therapeutics is working to translate groundbreaking science into genomic cures. Jason Fontenot, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Sangamo, discusses cutting-edge science on the frontiers of genomic medicine, and promising treatments for genomic diseases once thought to be intractable.

Jason Fontenot, Ph.D., serves as Sangamo’s Chief Scientific Officer. He oversees all platform and pipeline research activities – advancing the company’s proprietary genomic medicine technology as well as proprietary and partnered pipeline programs. Dr. Fontenot has an extensive background in genome engineering, cell therapy and drug development, having previously served as Chief Scientific Officer at Immusoft, Head of Exploratory Research at Juno Therapeutics, and for nearly a decade as a group leader in the immunology department at Biogen. Dr. Fontenot has expertise in lymphocyte biology, cell and genetic engineering and immune-mediated disease. His seminal work on regulatory T cells and FOXP3 transformed the study of immune regulation and produced some of the most highly cited immunology publications of the last 20 years. Dr. Fontenot conducted post-doctoral work at Rockefeller University in New York City. He received his Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Washington in Seattle.

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